Why this blog?

My little man
I am a full time working mum, with two children, a gorgeous little boy who has an allergy to egg (which he could grow out of) and a beautiful little girl.
My little girl

I have reached a point where I am finding it annoying that I keep having to explain to my little man that he can't eat certain foods when out and about. So I always try and have some egg free treats in our bag when out. It started out being simply some chocolate buttons but as he has got older I am trying to vary it so that he gets different 'treats'. We have found the best approach at home is to be completely egg free, so since his diagnosis in Oct 2011 I have been avidly reading ingredients and trying out different egg free alternatives. Since being on maternity with my little girl I have been trying to include him in the cooking more and more so he can understand what goes into the food he eats.

After drilling 'not with egg in it' his first exposure to egg free cake was depressing, he cried. I think he thought I was trying to make him sick. To be fair they looked lovely out of the oven but by the time they had cooled they had sunk a little in the middle so didn't look that great! So after some patient explaining and developing a planned baking event every week I am trying to help him understand that some foods he misses out on outside the home can be made and eaten at home (and we can take them out with us!). It has helped that I have been on maternity leave, but that has stopped now, but we still have baking every Monday afternoon. After August and I'm back full time I will have to work extra hard to keep this special time for him & me. It might involve sending dad out on a Sunday afternoon as he gets a bit tense with the mess we make!

The focus of this blog is to create a one stop shop for egg free recipes, which will be easy to make and in some (hopefully most) cases fun too! I started by using my Facebook page but found it difficult to find them again! I hope others will benefit from the blog, and the honest mistakes that go with trying out different recipes. I know, for me part of the reason to set this up is to record recipes I have used, and will end up referring back to it!

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