Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sorry for the clip post

You may, if you visit this blog more than once, have noticed no new blogs since mid May. This has been due to three things, the main one is the weather, as it has been improving I have been encouraging my little ones to play outside, we have been doing a lot of out door painting, this gives us less time to cook, especially as it included body painting!

Playing in the garden
Secondly, I (we) have been trying to finesse some of my existing tries (for example I had a second go at the Blueberry crumb cake, with more success with cut up strawberries giving them the extra support needed to hold the shape of the cake, however my second try of the banana cake, walnut free, was less successful). I have updated those blog posts rather than create extra blog posts on those experiences. Finally I think we have all been a little sick of all the cake in the house (to the point where there was left over cake mix left in the fridge for Way Too Long!!)

 Still this weekend we have friends over for a BBQ,  and I'm wondering whether to use the opportunity to try a new recipe or revisit an existing, successful, one.  So the main question for me is do I try a new brownie mix (plus try it in the pop cake maker)? Do I re-make choc chip scones (sons favourite)? Do I try new choc chip cake mix? Or do I just wait to during the week to make with little ones and no extra audiences? I will let you know the choice I go for.. or if I find another option...

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